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Dimension: m 0,75 x 1,65

EN 1004 classe “3” maximum load capacity kg 190

GRIM EU with round pipe mm 35 can reach m 7,10 height. Light and easy to carry, with base size 0.75 x 1.65 m in right for narrow spaces. At the height of 2.00 m, assembled on normal bases, it can be squashed to allow passage through doorways and along corridors

• 3 TYPES OF BASES: Normal with, 4 Ø 100 mm wheels with brak s, according to Italian legislative decree 81/2008.Normal EN 1004 with 4 Ø 150 mm wheels with brakes, according to EN 1004. Extractable EN 1004 with 4 Ø 150 mm wheels with brakes suitable for not level floor, according to  EN 1004.
• TOWER: standard H 1.70 m, optional H 1.20 m.
• STANDARD WORK PLATFORM EN 1004: with steel structure, large trapdoor for passage. Work platform in anti-slip phenolic resin film. High resistance to wear and weathering. Water-repellent sealed edges. Packaging in shrink wrap.
• The wooden anti-slip platform is provided with a comfortable trap door allowing operator to pass from one floor to another.
• Galvanized steel toeboards prevent accidental fall of persons and things.
• EN 1004 STABILIZERS: with double locks antispin for use without anchorage to the wall. (code 20713)

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