Ladders With Metallic Cage For Protection

Can be realized in one or more elements.
Completely in aluminium, favours the transport and the assembly, above all it makes the ladder resistant to the atmospheric agents. It can be equipped with security lock and anti-intrusion doors. Its modularity meets and satisfies the demands of whichever condition of employment. Our technical office is able to study particular situations.

• H 1.10 m parapet with opening for landing
• Electro welded 73×25 mm section aluminum uprights
• 30×30 mm extruded aluminum rungs
• External width of climb element: 490 mm.
• Cage width: 600 mm Nylon compound top and bottom feet
• Elements are coupled by means of nylon compound sleeve junctions with steel core
• 190 mm long braces for wall anchoring, included
• Anti-intrusion door on request
• Arest platform is required for heights in excess of 10 m
• The standard modular system is extremely easy to assemble


• Trunk width 490 mm
• Uprights in tubular welded aluminum 73×25
• Rungs non-slip in tubular extruded aluminum 30×30
• Feet upper and lower in PVC
• Union trunks half sleeves PVC with steel core


• The ladder comes with instruction manual and declaration of conformity.
• The parapet / landing has a height of 1.10 m.
• The brackets standard anchorage to the wall allow to distance the rungs from the wall of 150 mm.
• We do not provide the anchors for the anchorage, neither the installation.
• The ladder is pre-drilled for the placement of the brackets.
• For ladders higher than 10 m are planned landings of rest.

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