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Azzurra is the TOP series of ladders transformable 2-3 elements. The automatic reflagging system in secures the rungs to the uprights, for long-term prevention of rotation and loosening, even after prolonged intensive use. The aluminum electro  welded allows to have a ladder resistors and lightweight at the same time. It can be used extended and double. The distance between the rungs is 280 mm. Optional accessories to the ladder allow you to work in the presence of poles and/or gutters and uneven surfaces. Shrink wrap film packaging.

Grooved section, for a firmer grip. ANTI-SLIP.
UNI EN 131 tested and certified
• Certifications: Declaration of Conformity is included in the handbook, contained in the package.
• 2 work positions: extended and double.
• Double climb
280 mm pitch between rungs
• Wheels at the top of the 2nd or 3rd element to facilitate sliding along walls (all models)
• Elements block device (unthreading)
• Element blocking (anti-cloosening) device in aluminium
• Hinge with 3rd element anti-rollover device
• Galvanized steel hinge with easy opening mechanism
• 30×30 mm extruded aluminum anti-slip rung with rounded corners
• Reinforced electro welded rectangular section aluminum uprights with rounded corners
• Anti-slip PVC feet
• Base stabilizer
• Two spanners for base assembly, included
• Labels with standard references, manufacturing date and bar code

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