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Ruota EN 1004


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Dimensione torre: m 0,75 x 2,20

EN 1004 class “3” maximum load capacity kg 253

Made of electro galvanized steel to  protect surfaces from the rust. Exclusive turnbuckle to guarantee perfect stability. Four interchangeable versions and sizes. Easy and quick to assemble, it can be used without anchoring to walls.

• TOWER: standard H 1.50 m.
• Turnbuckle (EXCLUSIVE) with adjustable screw, avoids oscillations even at great heights.
• Standard work platform with aluminium structure, confortable trapdoor for passage. Work platform in phenolic resin film. High resistance to wear and weathering. Water-repellent sealed edges. Packaging in shrink wrap.
• EN 1004 GUARDRAIL: for UNI EN 1004 version each work platform must be used with a guardrail. The special design allows the guardrail mounted on the top tower to increase the working height.
• Antislip, grooved rugs in the fames, with pich mm 300, avoid the use of internal ladders, it being already a vertical ladder.
• BASE: 200 mm wheels with brake, EN 1004, Nr. 4 adjustable telescopic feet.
• EN 1004 STABILIZER BRACES. Increase the size of the base. With 2 exclusive locks for each stabilizer.

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